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YFriday, April 30, 2010' 5:47 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Walao eh cb i dun like u stop making ur fren tink tt i still like u cn or not?I vry fed up sia..walao!Dun like when i walk past u n ur frens den ur frens will start saying ur name.Serious leh,2dae when dey do tt i actually wanted 2 pt middle finger at dem n say "weh!" but im alone n dey got so many ppl..haiz..4get it!Den wad makes it worse is tt my teacher damn bais!Like my chest pain rite,den she nv say am i ok den she in de end go ask someelse!Obviously is biasness rite!I HATE BAIS TEACHERS!DEY SUCK! buden i'll still hav 2 face her n de cher like 2 days a weeek!Tourure sia...walao i seldom so angry de sia.Haha!Luckily aftnoon got Sab pei me,she maked my day better!Thank you!

YMonday, April 26, 2010' 8:03 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Woo~I dyed my hair 2dae!Wao!1st time leh..haha...not obvious de.So teacher dun nid catch :) Actually i quite kia~ laa but wad 2 do,is my mom help me de leh somemore zzz!!!Tmr hav band le!Haha mus tell Sab abt tis..LOL!Buden nw on my hair still got de dye smell..T^T hope tt smell will dissapear!*cchhaa-boomm!*Last yr Dec at 1st wan 2 bleah parts of my hair de buden still nid go back 2 sku so didnt dye..but my maid did!Nice luh;) LOVE IT! <3

YTuesday, April 20, 2010' 8:05 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Im impressed of me!LOL..wheneva im sad,i wan 2 cry,thr's alrd tears in my eyes..but damit it jus wont flow down.Haiz...I still cn say haha 2 ppl in msn when i dun even feel purely sad!Im so emo 2dae,i wrote sentences on a piece of paper 2dae.Wif i tink 600++ words ba.But its true,i tink i somehw regret telling it 2 my frens.=( I'll 4get u de,but de only way is 2 avoid simple as tt :) see i put smileys again when i dun mean it =.= :(( i dun tink i noe hw 2 concentrate in class liao sia,serious leh.Tis like even worse than de previous heart-break.Hiaz..i say hiaz alot of times 2dae..its not gonna stop!Im so stupid!Shld not hav like u in return,feel like dying.BUT I TINK START WIF CUTTING MYSELF CN SOLVE DE PROB??i not sure..but so wad if i cut?I cut 4 a guy?Nah no way..LOVE 2 HATE!

YMonday, April 19, 2010' 7:49 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Finally noe tt im actually vry clever de :P coz i noticed tt when cher ask us qns 2dae..which she say is a 'O' lvl qns,i knew inside alrd.But i didn't noe why i did not say,maybe jus coz i wanna see hu gd inside.Den recently when Edwin tok 2 me,i alrd noticed tt he had like somehw given up one me le,haha..den in de end im rite again ;) Im such a pro,haha so bhb..but true wad so ppl dun say i like 2 tok big..oh i oso hav depth.Muahaha!anw..i oso given up on Edwin le haha..actually long time ago didnt wna play wif him le but he continue 2 di siao me.Yay!I like him back again nw!I can't believe it!Some ppl will noe hu isit?Muahaha!I <3>Currently gonna put songs into my fone le :) Yos i so damn excited sia :) So byes!LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEESSSSSSSS!!<3<3<3>

YTuesday, April 13, 2010' 9:20 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

congrats 2 all those hu get posts!actually dun be too sad if dun hav post..i at 1st oso thought tt i dun hav de..but in de end hav.So dun be too sad luh,n i went 2 de band bloggie,suddenly i tink i love song no 9..its like totally bringing me 2 another world,i vry shiok sia :)

YMonday, April 12, 2010' 8:03 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

OOHHH!tmr changing of command parade leh!Big day 4 some of us..haha!Congrats 2 those hu got post ah..dun be discourage even if u dun hav,i noe hw u feel. :'( LOL!haha..xD i tink i rlly siao le..coz im like toking tings tt idk wad i meant oso...siao gurl..u see siao rite?say myself!OMG rlly is siao le!:)

Y' 7:51 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Why does it seems like every ppl especially guys are gena electronised by her?Why?Maybe jus coz im envvious or jealous(wadeva u called it)??Idk feeling jus sux!I noe maybe coz she hav more charm or wad laa..which i freaking hack care,but why mus she backstab me?Why does she tell everyting 2 GbLLe?why?she is jus a *toot*!N worse she jus like 2 compare herself wif other girls?For?Mad sia seroiusly,u wan 2 compete go Miss Beauty Queen competition laa..dun at our sku kbkp..knn!Haiz..shld rlly try 2 cut down on tis *toot* words le..but i jus cant help it..shld i be happy or sad?Xue Te(direct trans of shit!)Muahaha!

YSaturday, April 10, 2010' 7:35 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Woke up in de morning at 9.16am den went 2 Mr leung's remedial,4 2 hrs..den during tt 2 hrs,i did my zhou ji!haha,w/o teacher noticing..WooHoo.Coz if i dun put into my chi techer pigeon hole by 2dae mus gena detention which i dun wan will like detention sia.Only those hu 1 2 emo at 1 corner will break sku rules or dun do teacher works.Aftnoon did tuition hw while smsing Edwin,den nvm..not goin 2 tok 2 him anymore..confirm got frens tt will congratulate me while saying why?.Parents currently not at home,ok tis super random but im liddat.I seriously wan my bloggie 2 be alive not dead.Oh ya n finally Mr Shah n Mr Leung mention my name 4 de 1st time..haha..2dae sat beside JY n Shi Hui..den mr leung say always miss out we asked 4 our name..den i told JY tt once mr leung noe ur name,he'll shoot u wif qns,n den keep noticing on wad ur doin.Den rlly happen,when toking 2 JY,mr leung say Christine!kk laa,see whether when i got time den i'll post again ba xD bye--sssss !!!

YWednesday, April 7, 2010' 7:48 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Yo..long day 2dae wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 its gonna be de POP next Tues,not rlly wanting 2 noe wad position or no position,im only interested in wad my frens sounds so wrong,oso dk why become so negative tis few days especially..idk why when i play rite den like my high DO like de air not stable,but last time oso liddat but l8r jiu ok liao..i wish i dun make stupid mistake on de actual day...some of de tings will only be told not here but 2 ears..haiz..ok 4get abt all tis unhappy stuffs sia i noe maybe when ur guys read tis ur may not rlly understand laa..coz not full version i said de full version is heard n not seen..ok time 4 funny tings le~~2dae Jamie keep laughing :DD she so funny haha!coz we do wad she oso laugh LOL..nw currently no one is at home so seriously im rlly in a state of emoing coz blogging is jus like toking 2 urself only rite??EMOING!wish tt tmr's band practice will be a gd 1..

YMonday, April 5, 2010' 3:33 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Yay!!I got back my wallet le!Its found by a girl named Tan Yan Ni!!Hehe seriously mus thank her alot.Thanks Mr Liew oso coz he told me my wallet in GO :)..heng sia,if not will continue crying or emoing de..haha..tmr my parents goin 2 Thai le 4 3 days,so lets party!!Lawls..its raining outside nw,band tmr..(random nia)muahaha!Idk wad 2 say sia,hmm..i tink i mus go bath den do hw(as if nia..coz spend most of de time on com ;))liao..hoho..

YThursday, April 1, 2010' 9:27 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

YOZ!!Haha..tis time is JY hurry me 2 post,actually wanted 2 post few days ago but lazy lor..muahaha...oh ya 2dae i vry clumsy sia,wth..lost POA tb n file luckily in de end Mr Liew found n gave 2 me..haha..den i lost my wallet,again i tink he found again..lawls,scarly gonna scold me dk hw 2 spell actually.Hahaha cried when i knew tt my wallet lose,den my frens say i cry until vry cute :P real funny though.Den tt Zhen Dong came out of 7-eleven den keep staring at becoz he nv see i cry b4.Den went up 2 bus,pay 55cents,actually is my 1st time using coin.Den when me n Sab seat tgt den dk why like everyone in front keep looking back sia,i tink coz i got red eyes O.o??or dey tink i got sore eyes tt will spread 2 dem haha??!!Luckily went home den heard frm my maid tt a teacher found my wallet..i tink shld be Mr Liew ba coz he noe i call Christine den if is other teacher dey will maybe mention XinYing n not Christine 2 my maid liao..haha..anw,although idk my wallet wif which cher but at least i happy coz its not lost!!Haha!!


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