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YTuesday, May 31, 2011' 7:02 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hoolaaaley ppl! Officially de start of MY Jun hols haha! But tmr still hav to return back to sku for remedial classes luh. But nvm la! At least i've a break mah~ AHH~ check out de vid above! It's worth watching! It oso soothes ur mood~ :D Hahaha, idk wad to post liao! Bye den!

YSunday, May 29, 2011' 5:47 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hello ah ppl~ Quite a period nv come post sth le! Tmr is my Chi 'O' lvl Paper 1&2 exam, ahh so nervous sia! Feel like as if I'm slacking or wad one, haiz idk sia. But seriously if you ask me how to write stuffs like 报章报道, it's easy~ tts whr we can score! No wonder my teacher emphasise much on paper 1. For paper 2, i'm confident for compre~ coz jus find ans, copy main pts and you get marks! As easy as tt! De MCQ one mus read and understand jiu can le! HEHEHE! Toking abt all tis makes me more confident and less nervous! YAY! :D Happy~ i kinda afraid of paper 1 sia, maybe becoz got only little prac of it and well, i dun rlly like it. :x Dk why uh. But whatever it is, l8r at night.. imma still gonna go revise de format and 好词好句all those to get more marks! Today i've on interesting fren who mentioned tis, “背多分” It's like a acronym for BEETHOVEN haha!~ so diao but it makes so much sense to me! I rlly wan to get an A for tis! OMG! So desperate nw! Once and for all man!! JIAYOU! :D

YSunday, May 22, 2011' 7:23 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

<3! Hehe, and that's why i smile!~~ HAHA, starting tmr is gonna be intensive Chinese MT everyday! YAY! ^^ I wann! Today i slacking again, aiyoyo..but promise here tt everyday i'll do a paper!! Consistency is impt! No more breaking of promise and NO LETTING HIST REPEAT ITSELF! Thr's no 2nd chance liao!! C: Jiayou ah! :D Seriously, you can play all you wan aft Os! So dun worry!

Y' 12:54 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

I still can't forget you, i still can't trust everyting. Even today i can't send you away like tis..
I'll rewrite it again, our story will not end. I will bury de fact tt reality is seeping into my skin for nw. I rewrite it once again, de start beginning wif you and i smiling happily. In case you will leave me, de background is a small room w/o an exit..
Kiss you as if thr is nth wrong, i can't leave ur sweet presence. Thr is no such ting as an end for us..
Like tis again, i can't forget you. I'm writing de story tt will never end in my heart..
I'll hold on to you, i won't let you go. Even today, I'm still in the story of you and i tt hasn't ended..
Right nw, thr are only happy stories here. De vry happy stories of jus two of us is written here, it's slowly filling up..
I run towards you and embrace you, i can't never let you go from my embrace..
I'll say tis again one more time, right nw you're next to me. I'm believing tt..
I'm a writer who lost her purpose. De end of tis novel, how am i supposed to write it. I love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i keep writing these 3 words. Setting the worn out pen on the old paper stained in tears. Tis story can't be happy or sad..
Right nw I'm writing sucha happy story. But it is all jus a wish still..
I'm happy we are tgt, nw is de start, thr is no end..

YSaturday, May 21, 2011' 9:48 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Ppl, hey yo I'm back! Well, 1st of all disappointed wif myself as i let down myself, family, teachers.. but I alrd promised myself to be more hardworking! A changed person and look ahead. HaH, another one week plus will alrd be my 'O' lvl Chi exam le! So fast! Seriously, I'm aiming for A! I mus and shall earn one for my own goodness sake!! And to prove her wrong! I'm determined! Wif my dear Chi teacher msg, she gav me de thrive to jiayou! HAHA, ytd was Eng prelim oral, hmm was quite delighted and quite satisified wif it..for de 1st time. As I would only feel good in Chi Oral, but tis other way round. I'm no longer good in Chi as I speak less and write less nwadays. So, I'm gonna speak more chi and write more! :D bleh :P Sometimes i wonder why shld i hav helped her, when she is de one who gives me de feeling tt she's looking down on me. ARGH! I seriously shldn't had told Etn wad happened, den they won't had stead liao! But stead oso good la, i hope you get distracted or sth. Lawls, I'm so bad but you're worst than me. D: LAALAA enough of tis le. Check out de above vid okay! Haha i rlly wonder who's gonna save de world in 2012. SUPERMAN?OBAMA?CHRISTINE? haha jkjk. :)

YMonday, May 16, 2011' 10:33 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Ahh~ memories again and again~ Once again i wanna thank my dear frens who went out on last Sat, 14/5 to celebrate my birthday! I appreciate! :D (L) You guys will always be on my mind, confirm? Double confirm! (Y) Thanks ah! Love you all ttm laa!

YSunday, May 15, 2011' 12:31 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hello ppl! I'm officially 16 years and 1 day old today! Haha! Had one of my best birthday celebration ytd! It was totally memorable! I'm so enchanted and proud to hav you guys as my good frens! KBOX was cool!~ everyone took up de mic and started to sing! We sang from 2-5pm and they did sth real sweet for me. Bai bought a cake and when i went to de washroom, i guess they were actually lighting my cake for me. And when i came back, they sang me a birthday song! It's jus so happening! Jus like those drama series ah! Hahas! Hmm check out de top vid which i posted ah, it's so emotional as it's a tribute to their late drummer. So everywhr in de vid you can actually spot de word REV alot. De 2nd vid it's more abt love, for ppl who are heart-broken or sth haha! Okay byebye liao!

YWednesday, May 11, 2011' 4:05 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hey peeps! :D Check out de above two songs above hor! hehe! Rihanna is comin' back to her old style! Love her tis way! Neyo added lots of colours into tis song! If not i dun tink i'll like it tt much. :X Today had my PGeog and Chem, vry excited and pleasant wif both papers! At least i noe my Chem is gonna pull up my Phys! Woo! Tmr having SCI MCQ, since it's easy, de more i shld get higher! Anw, my WOOPS frens gonna celebrate bdae for me! Oh yeah baby! So excited uh! Haha, tmr is human geog so still gotta study hmm. :) Tts all for today luh! Hope i can do tmr's paper wif joy like today!!

YTuesday, May 10, 2011' 2:24 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

De edge of glory! Hooyay! Tis song so cool one! In de middle part still got saxophone! WOWOW. Hahaha, so hyper. Omg, tmr is Chem paper and PureGeog, so many stuffs to rmb and memorise especially for PGeog.. x.x Haiya, needa to kill lots of my brain cells soon. Jiayoujiayou me and other 9 girls. For nw i'll jus finish playing my fb games and notifications, den go start studying liao. Lazy oso no choice alrd. Exam and studies are meant to be tis way. :) GOODLUCK CHRISTINE.

YSaturday, May 7, 2011' 9:57 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Yay, Lady Gaga's mv is out alrd~! Check her out k? ;D HAHA. L8r imma goin tuition, so goin to meet Jamie liao. Gotta practice more Maths. :] De guy at de top is Chris Brown! Random~ Exam one more week jiu all finish liao, and l8r comes my bdae! WOOTS. :P Presents plz~ Probably goin out wif WOOPS to celebrate, heard they wanna help me celebrate hehe. Hope i'm not so stress anymore during tis few days, so i can do my best during exams. Wish me all de best ya! BYE!~

YMonday, May 2, 2011' 3:18 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hello peeps!~ Imma is back! LOL! Hahaha, past two days i'd been playing all day long. Basically only using fb, kinda boring though. Plus, felt i wasted my time but i jus can't make myself sit down and study! :@ However, wads thr to study for Eng? Like seriously? Well sorry to brag but i noe i'll be able to make it in time for SS or Hist since I've been practising to memorise stuffs smartly for Pure Geog alrd mah. So not much of a prob actually. :X Ok coming back to de pics, de top one is Lupe Fiasco,followed by Trey Songz, den Skylar Grey! At night i'm gonna revise my Eng format and pack my room/study table, it's a total havoc. I love to read! LOL, tt was pure absurb. Jk laa!Ahh, I'm craving for PIzza tonight. Woots! OMG i feel i rlly like darn slack sia. Anw, MYE is gonna end in abt two weeks time and I'm off to celebrate for my bdae le! HAHA, 14/5 k peeps?! hahahaha. Okay laa, even though i may sound damn slackish and hackcare but i still hope i'll do well for tis exam. :) Of coz i'll do tings tt are necessary for me to achieve wad i wan. Well, i always seem so cool, relaxed is becoz i dun wanna make myself feel even more stress! Tts all. So dun judge me by tt. My character is jus tis way. OKAY?


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