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YMonday, March 28, 2011' 6:17 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Doodooodoo!~I'm songie crazy! <3 Hmm,sort of changed my fb dp..quite a no. of ppl liked it.Wow? pic is i use my maid's cam den i anyhow zilian one nia. O.O Didn't expect ppl's response to be tt gr8.Today early morning 4am rained so heavily till me,bro,kaka all waked up.Woo,it's cold.Nw i gotta go eat Maggie for dinner liao,den at night gonna study for Maths.Tmr got Maths term test sia!~ Laalaa. :D

YSunday, March 27, 2011' 6:44 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hello,so long i nv post pics liao rite?! Hahha,de last time i posted pics was during Dec abt de HongKong trip de.De 1st and 3rd pics are taken during de Sungei Buloh trip and de 2nd one was jus a random cute pic taken during de filming session. :] LOL,sometimes i do adore myself much!
Aiya,outside like gonna rain soon liao..lawls i so random.Havin' band tmr..diao.L8r i'm gonna complete my Maths graph drawing hw nth special lehs..ytd played de whole day like nobody's business.Let me tell you guys sth else,I actually msged de wrong MeiXuan all along!Fyi,MX is de girl on de left in de 3rd pic.Had a little quarrel wif 'MeiXuan' though,but nw we're kinda frens! haha Jamie was kinda jealous and angry wif me coz i send msg to wrong den can get guy frens liao.Den i was like "wad? liddat only..LOL laa you."Laalaa ppl idk wad to say liao omg i saw a rainbow outside! So nice! :D

YWednesday, March 23, 2011' 10:56 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Gonna make this short and sweet,k jus came back home from de band performance at Ngee Ann City..quite fun laa.But walao i haven study for Chem and POA and i jus feel guilty.Lmao.Anw,I'm having a sexy and distorted voice.Lol,my fren still say i use tis voice sing nicer.I gtg le ahh,go bathe liao.

YThursday, March 17, 2011' 12:09 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Heheh guys! Look at de two videos on top,LOL i tink most of you all noe tt they two are couples rite?Hmm,JB rlly look more handsome and cooler in this hairstyle,his sound oso became deeper le.Heard tt most JB haters are nw retired and nw they are JB fans!Umm,2-3 days ago..ShiMin said in her status tt she tinks tt Lady Gaga is scary.Well,i totally agree wif her..soon aft tt,i found a person who is even more satanic than her.MARILYN MANSON.woooo..*goosebumps* Back to ytd midnight,went to see Ghost Lab.Thr let us hear wad they had recorded inside abandoned jails and hospitals.Some spirits said,"I'm not scared of you","Come and get me.","Get Out"..they said in those ghostly voices.Really scary luh.Even nw i still can rmb how their sounds sounded like. :| Ytd noon i started to do my geog hw..finished it aft 6 hrs..but i'm still left wif Chi and Maths.Today i'm supposed to attend Jean's bdae party de..but did not coz currently i'm havin' cough wif phlegm and still hav lots of hw undone.Oh,jus nw i ate Mac Breakfast!~ I ate hotcakes and Egg McMuffin!So fast sia hol gonna end.. :( But no choice luh..hehe.

YSunday, March 13, 2011' 7:24 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hey guys! It's de start of de Mar hols!~ WooHoo! Haha,basically ytd went out wif teachers: Ms Kwa,Mr Kendrick Lau & Mr Paul Lim.Students: Me,Nurul,Sandy,Diyanah.It was rlly fun luh,we went to places like Changi Airport,Changi Village,Merlion Park,Singapore Flyer,Singapore Food Trail,Marina Bay,Mt Faber & Sentosa.It is rlly a vry gr8 experience and hold gr8 memories too.Mr Lau said i was professional and he ask whether i'm interested to become an actress,haha i rlly tink he's jus randomly saying it.I hope tis video turns out to be a good one and allows us to proceed to de 3rd round! Of coz we oso mus do well for our Geo Trail,it's like we hav to travel all around S'pore by ourselves to search for's sth like de AMAZING RACE.It's kinda like a dream come true coz i last time alrd wanted to somehow exp it.Next,de video up thr is by LMFAO.I wonder does it even stands for Laugh My Fuckin' Ass Off?! Lol. De actors inside keep doing shuffles like nobody's business sia! So epic! De 1st time i knew abt LMFAO was through Tap Tap whr i played their song 'Get Crazy'.I bet those who played Tap Tap hav tried tt song out b4.Having Band Camp tmr and Tues,it's gonna be a training camp instead of a fun and relaxing camp.But anws,we oso mus follow.Tues morning gonna go to Sungei Buloh sia,maybe gonna sleep?If not wad can i possibly learn when i'm going to fall anytime? Haha,even if dun sleep is can laa,buden by 4-5am,ur head would kinda burning and if past 6am,you'll be damn awake.But trust me,by de time it's like can sleep even when you sit down. :) Lmao.Haha,Nelly and Kelly jus keeps teasin' and playin' wif each other,why can't they jus start official? Keke.

YSunday, March 6, 2011' 1:06 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Hehe,i'm back! But my body condition not rlly good coz got slight coughing..soon i'm gonna prepare to go for tuition alrd.I tink aft tt when i'm home i've gotta do some other hw le.WOO..can't w8 for de Mar hols seriously! Buden,actually tt hol oso not much of rest laa,got sku remedial,more of de time devoted to band. -.- lawls.Thr's jus many upcomin' events gonna take place luh..hope i can endure through.

YSaturday, March 5, 2011' 6:29 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

Awwwww,I'm takin' back my love too. Lmao. :S Enrique Iglesias is rlly rlly hot! I prefer his older songs like tis one uh,his new songs like..idk how say.Even it's not bad but i still prefer tis. :) Ytd had our sound-check,and i tink tt it went out kinda good.Not too bad or too good.B4 goin for band we discussed abt our video,hehehe it rlly sounded so fun uh! But gonna do research abt all tis today 1st,but OMG schedule so tight sia.. D: Sian,rlly hope SYF can faster end luh.It's draining my energy.HAHAHA,but had to continue to persevere.Thr's tis saying,gr8 leaders dun nid to be acknowledge,coz even if others dun regconise you,god does.So i'm jus gonna hang in thr,coz i noe whatever i do i wont be credited.How gr8 hor? But sui bian laa,wad to do.

YWednesday, March 2, 2011' 7:57 PM
I'll find just what I deserve, if you can't do better.

We became strangers so easily..I tink I'm crazy,I'm probably gettin' tired.Nah,I jus tink I'm fed up.I'm alrd bored,you're dull.When did we start losing de spark between us..we're like a drained cola tt has lost it's fizz.De first feeling of goin numb,glancing at each other sideways,I'm not hanging myself over such a love.Dun wanna try anymore..I look for you below tt moonlight tt illuminates me,idk whr de end is but i still dun understand love.Pitiful alone once again.I miss de moment when i first met you,bad when it comes to pain like tt.I tried to avoid it,but you noe tt i love you.I'll freeze you wif my cold lips,take my soul and heart back.Love is not for me.De sad meaning behind de word 'Good Bye',become covered by de dark shadows.My memories look towards you who i've forgotten in my heart.


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